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Do Your Pet's Hit The dogpanicbuttonWhen You Leave?

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Pet Sitting:

While you're away, your pet can still enjoy the safety and comforts of his/her home. On each visit we provide walks, feeding and playtime. We will also administer medication, if needed. For your peace of mind we offer mail, newspaper pick-up and plant watering. We will also alter the blinds and lights for added security...

Pet sitting is done in your own home.. Sorry, we do not kennel or board pets.

Dog Walking:

Working long hours or out of town? We provide 30 min. morning and mid-day dog walking. (Mon-Fri)

Mountain Hikes:

Active social dogs may want to take advantage of this special service...Let us zap their energy in the local mountain parks while you are away on vacation or working long hours...(Mon-Fri)

The above services can be combined to combat loneliness and reduce destructive nature in behaviorally challenged dogs.

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